Siltech Industries

Contract manufacturer of rubber products, silicone products and customised Teflon® coatings

With over 25 years of experience, Siltech Industries Ltd in Auckland is a specialised contract manufacturer. We can supply you with rubber products and silicone products for one-off projects, prototypes and production runs. Siltech Industries is also the only Licensed Applicator of DuPont Teflon® non-stick coatings in New Zealand. Serving the food processing and food manufacturing industries; the water and drainage industry; plus medical and scientific industries to name a few.

Providing customised solutions and helping to solve new challenges is our speciality.

Products and Services

  • Teflon® coatings: we are the only industrial company in New Zealand licensed to apply DuPont Teflon® non-stick coating. Teflon® coatings provide easy care maintenance to a wide range of food processing and food manufacturing equipment. Read more about Teflon® coatings.
  • Nylon coating: nylon coatings for metal parts provide corrosion, impact and abrasion protection and inhibits bacterial growth. Tough and hardwearing, these properties are important for the water supply and drainage industries. Read more about nylon coating.
  • Silicone products: silicone components by fabrication, casting or compression moulding, as one-off or short-run projects, or in production runs. Silicone products include seals, silicone mouldings and silicone gaskets for food processing, water, scientific and medical applications. Read more about our silicone products.
  • Rubber products: custom mouldings and custom extrusions in natural rubber and other rubbers such as EPDM and nitrile, for general engineering applications and water, drainage and tunnelling industries. Read more about our rubber products.

Need some help? Please contact us, we’d be pleased to discuss your needs and help you.